DMRCP Activities.

(We mark the Fellows and Senior Fellows of DMRCP with the postnominal letters 'F' and 'SF', respectively.)

DMRCP Seminar Meetings:
Fifth DMRCP Seminar Meeting with presentations by Michael Barany F, Emmylou Haffner F, and Andrea Reichenberger F, 26 February, 4pm CET, online.
Fourth DMRCP Seminar Meeting with presentations by Christian Greiffenhagen SF, and Tabea Rohr F, 18 December, 2pm CET, online.
Third DMRCP Seminar Meeting with presentations by Stella Moon F, R. Ramanujam SF, and Dirk Schlimm SF, 8 September, 2pm CEST, online.
Second DMRCP Seminar Meeting with presentations by Carolin Antos SF (slides) and Helena Mihaljevic SF (slides), 10 July, 4pm CEST, online.
First DMRCP Seminar Meeting with presentations by Matthew Inglis SF (slides), Eva Müller-Hill SF (slides), and Henrik Kragh Sørensen F (slides), 28 April, 4pm CEST, online.

Research projects endorsed by DMRCP:
Theoretical virtues of conjectures and open questions in mathematical practice by Deniz Sarikaya F (funded by the DAAD).
Digital humanities for philosophy of mathematical practice by Henrik Kragh Sørensen F.

Events endorsed by DMRCP:
Bridging the Gap: The Importance of Communicating Mathematical Research to laypeople and in Education, 21-24 May, 2024, organized by Jordi Fairhurst, José Antonio Pérez Escobar F & Deniz Sarikaya F.
Masterclass in the Philosophy of Mathematical Practices 2023 with Jean Paul Van Bendegem, 23-26 June, 2023, organized by Joachim Frans, Yacin Hamami F, Colin Rittberg F, Deniz Sarikaya F.
Mathematics Education meets the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice Workshop, 12-14 June, 2023, organized by Yacin Hamami F, Matthew Inglis SF, Brendan Larvor SF, Keith Weber F.
Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, 30-31 March, 2023, organized by Bart Van Kerkhove SF, Erik Weber, Deniz Sarikaya F, and Vincent M. P. Vincke.

#1 17 March 2023: pdf
#2 18 May 2023: pdf
#3 15 August 2023: pdf
#4 7 December 2023: pdf

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