DMRCP Fellows & Senior Fellows.

DMRCP has Senior Fellows and Fellows. The Senior Fellows form the DRMCP Council. The Council elects Fellows for a (renewable) period of two years. The Scientific Coordinator is a Fellow ex officio.

Every active researcher working in the research field of DMRCP can apply to be elected as a Fellow. If you are interested in becoming a DMRCP Fellow, please contact the CIPSH Chair at

Fellows, Senior Fellows, & the Chair-holder.

Berlin. Helena Mihaljevic (Senior Fellow).

Brussels. Karen François (Senior Fellow); Bart Van Kerkhove (Senior Fellow).

Chennai. R. Ramanujam (Senior Fellow).

Copenhagen. Hanne Andersen (Senior Fellow).

Edinburgh. Ursula Martin (Senior Fellow).

Hamburg. Deborah Kant (Fellow ex officio); Benedikt Löwe (chair-holder).

Hatfield. Brendan Larvor (Senior Fellow).

Hong Kong. Christian Greiffenhagen (Senior Fellow).

Konstanz. Carolin Antos-Kuby (Senior Fellow).

Loughborough. Matthew Inglis (Senior Fellow).

Montréal. Dirk Schlimm (Senior Fellow).

Nancy. Gerhard Heinzmann (Senior Fellow).

Paris. Catherine Jami (Senior Fellow).

Rostock. Eva Müller-Hill (Senior Fellow).

St Louis MO. Helen De Cruz (Senior Fellow).

Last changed: 6 April 2022